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Willall Racing’s Subaru WRX STI ‘25BB’ is complete

By Chris Thompson, 23 Jun 2017 News

Subaru WRX STI 25BB

Aussie-built 800kW Rexy looking good after being put together and painted

The Subaru 22B was – and is – a legendary rally car for the road.

It had 206kW (huge at the time in a car that size), and enough torque and traction to get it moving along to 100km/h in 5.7 seconds.

It’s a car worthy of a modern tribute, and that’s what Willall Racing in South Australia has done. Only they’ve turned it up a few (hundred) notches.

Willall Racings Subaru WRX STI 25BB
We recently brought you the news that Willall was developing an 800kW WRX-based weapon called the 25BB, and now it’s finished.

Due for a debut at Subinats at Phillip Island on July 2, it’s the first in a small series of cars being built for export.

Subaru Levorg confirmed for Australia

Martin Donnon from Willall says they’ve considered building them for Aussie clients, but that it’d be an expensive exercise – he estimates you’d be forking out GT-R money.

Willall Racings Subaru WRX STI 25BB engine
To get the massive amount of power (800kW and up to 50psi/3.4bar of boost), Donnon told MOTOR about the car’s billet block built by Willall, dubbed the WREJBB.

1999 Subaru 22B STi: Greatest Impreza ever

“We have a magic set of cylinder heads and camshafts to make that sort of power, we have a special rotating assembly, which is pistons, crank and rods that take it out of 2.63 litres [and] a specially-made turbocharger system.”

Willall Racings Subaru WRX STI 25BB rear
The widebody, however, was also a result of the power. The car needed more tyre on the ground, specifically 305s all 'round so the team built a new widebody for it, all in metal.

“You can’t get anything wide for these cars other than the front fenders, so we thought we’d metal finish an entire car. It’s WRC blue so we’re going to make it faithful to the whole 22B concept,” Donnon told MOTOR.

Watch this space for MOTOR’s upcoming review of the car, once we’ve had a change to get behind the wheel.