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World's Fastest Toyota 86

By Scott Newman, 13 Jan 2016 News

EKanoo Racing's Toybaru blitzes the quarter mile

World's Fastest Toyota 86

It might not have been conceived with the quarter mile in mind, but it seems that Toyota's 86 makes one mean drag car. 

Ok, so just how much 86 remains in this beast is debatable, but you can't argue with the results. Built by Bahrain-based EKanoo Racing, this 86 runs a mega-horsepower 2JZ lifted from the JZA80 Toyota Supra.

According to its website, EKanoo helped set up the first ever Bahrain drag meet back in 2004. The sport may have only been around for about a decade, but it seems the team at Ekanoo are fast learners. 

In addition to the world's fastest 86, EKanoo claim to build the world's fastest Supra and the world's fastest tiptronic Porsche.

It does a fine line in R35 drag cars as well, as the video above illustrates (the car has since gone even faster).

It doesn't always go smoothly, however, and when you're dealing with this much power and speed accidents tend to only come in one size.