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2019 Ford Mustang GT quick performance review

By Louis Cordony, 30 Jan 2019 Reviews

2019 Ford Mustang GT quick review

Stock suspension setup and rev-match reviewed

Ford gave us more reasons than ever to break the piggy bank on its new-for-2018 Mustang. A new 5.0-litre V8 and bigger exhaust system were certainly tempting, but if you found the previous model’s ride too taxing on your spine, then $2750 adaptive dampers would be its big draw.

Inspired by our experience at our recent PCOTY, we wondered what the new car’s passive setup drives like. New dampers, revised rear toe-links, Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tyres and upsized rear sway bars are still fitted, but non-Magneride cars miss out on bigger front bearings and inverted front struts.

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Although we could only test one in greasy and wet conditions, you can tell it loses some front purchase and lateral body control as a result. Its secondary ride comfort takes a hit, too, as there’s more wheel and tyre deflection over nasty roads.

Annoyingly, it’s still unclear how much the adaptive dampers improve this, as all the Magneride cars we’ve driven have rode on forged alloys and our test car here is on the stock wheels. When they measure 19-inches tall and over 9.0-inches across, a lighter material could shed a lot of weight to make a big difference.

So, in summary, it’s slightly stiffer and worse riding at low speeds, but a definitive verdict for them has to wait until we drive either suspension setup on the same wheels.

PCOTY 2019: Ford Mustang GT

What we can agree on is the new rev-matching system’s effectiveness. It’s been introduced on MY 2019 models and can be switched on or off in the menu accessed via the Pony button. It’s a piece of technology exclusive to the V8 GT that complements its six-speed manual transmission’s already much improved shift experience.

Although it’s relevance on a track is a given, it helps you smoothly drop into lower gears when approaching a roundabout and a heel-and-toe is too hard to complete.

Among the minor changes for the 2019 car, a new Bang and Olufsen speaker system replaces the Shaker system, while new hues Need For Speed Green and Velocity Blue are added to the colour palette. While they make the deciding on a specification harder than ever, they’ll strengthen the Mustang’s allure as it enters its fourth year on sale in Australia. 

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 5.0-litre DOHC V8
Power: 339kW @ 7000rpm
Torque: 556Nm @ 3600rpm
Drive: RWD
Weight: 1668kg
Price: $62,990

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