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Car accessories every new parent should have

By WhichCar Staff, 29 Mar 2017 Car Advice

children car accessories

Take your car to new limits with these five car accessories every new parent should own

There’s a new baby on the way and you’ve got the nursery ready, sold the two-seater convertible in favour of a more suitable SUV and already fitted it with an appropriate child seat.

There’s nothing else you need in your car, right?

There are a few other accessories that can make your life as a parent on the road a little bit easier. Here are our top five accessories we think every new parent should have in their car.

  1. Seat protectors: You’ve just spent thousands of dollars on a brand new family car, and you can guarantee that you’re little bundle of joy is going to cause some damage between food, drink, baby vomit and accidental nappy leakages. Not to mention the wear that a car seat can cause. Finding the right seat protector will ensure your rear car seats will last a little longer, and will certainly help with re-sale value. Try and find seats with thick mats to go under your kid’s seat to avoid the edges digging in to textiles and padding.

  2. Sippy cups: Are we there yet? I’m hungry. Can I have a drink now? At least you can be prepared for one of these questions with a sippy cup on-board once your new baby grows into a toddler. The best part about these cups is that they are less likely to spill everywhere.  

  3. Stain guard: If the cup fails however, and it does happen to spill on the nice clean carpet, you’ll be glad for ticking this one off the checklist. Spray a stain guard over any fabric areas of your car to prevent nasty stains setting in.

  4. Wipes: This is a must have on a parent’s list. Handbag, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, mother-in-laws house, and of course, the car… there’s no limit to where you should hide these handy wipes. Make sure you grab wipes that are specially made for babies - they have a dual-purpose in cleaning grub off your child, and also doubling as a surface wipe.

  5. Window shades: We know, a window tint looks a lot better than sticking up Finding Nemo window shades, but they’re a less permanent option and are just as effective, if not better, at keeping the sun out of your child’s eyes and off their skin. They don’t have to be kitsch either with a variety available these days so you can find an option that looks at least mildly stylish/interesting.