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How to adjust your seat to the perfect driving position

By Stephen Corby, 27 Apr 2016 Car Advice

How to adjust your seat to the perfect driving position

Setting up your seating position dictates how you interact with your car. Here’s how to do it properly.

It’s quite possible that you regularly undertake driver training courses, or read up about correct practice with rigour and vigour on the internet, but if you don’t it might be time to think about a few of the basics, for the first time since you got your P plates.

One of the biggest mistakes that a huge number of people make is not setting their seating position up properly. Hopefully you’ll remember that the idea is to sit close enough so that your arms are slightly bent rather than ramrod straight out in front of you, which is a big snappy disaster waiting to happen should you have a sudden stop.

Placing your arms at three and nine on the clock face of your steering wheel is also the right way to go (10 and two went out with AM-radio only cars).

Despite the design of modern Peugeots, which suggest we should all drive with the wheel resting on our thighs, it’s recommended that you position it higher than that; not obscuring your instruments or eye line, but comfortably in line with your chest.

For even more detail on why your seating position is so important, watch the video below from Porsche.