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How to change windscreen wipers

By David Bonnici, 30 Apr 2020 Car Advice

How to change your windscreen wipers

The rains have finally arrived, which means it’s time to check those wiper blades

There’s nothing worse than being caught out in a downpour, only to find your blades are smearing water across your windscreen, rather than removing it.

The blades on your windscreen wipers should be checked every six months or 10,000kms and changed at least once a year. If they’re leaving streak marks across the glass or screeching their way through the water they’re probably overdue for replacement.

There are many things, aside from general wear and tear that can affect your wipers including sun, oil, debris and saltwater, which can break down the rubber even when the wipers aren't in use.

Wipers are one of the easier car-maintenance duties to do yourself. The blades can be replaced, as can the wiper assembly, although the latter is slightly more expensive but usually more effective.

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Here are some easy steps to replace the wipers yourself.

Wiper assembly

  1. Pull the blade assembly away from the windscreen.
  2. Find the clip, which will be below the hook located on the assembly’s pivot. Depress the clip to release the blade and remove the assembly by pull it down the arm. You may need a screwdriver for this depending on your car.
  3. In a similar motion, attach the new assembly to the wiper arm.
  4. Click it into place.
  5. Replace arm against the windscreen.


Blade refills

  1. Pull the blade assembly away from the windscreen.
  2. Squeeze the metal tabs at the end of the rubber insert and simply slide out of the blade. You may need pliers for this.
  3. The new rubber should have been measured against the length of the wipers, but if they’re too long, simply cut it with a pair of pliers either before or after installation. Ask the staff at the auto accessories store if you’re unsure on the size or need some help to cut the rubber.
  4. Insert the new wiper refill by sliding it into the claw and locking the metal clip at the end.
  5. Replace arm against the windscreen.

Make sure you’ve topped up your wiper fluid and give the windscreen wipers a good test before taking to the road to make sure it’s all in place.

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For any extra assistance, or if it’s your first time and you want someone to show you how to do the above steps, the staff at your local auto accessories store should be able to help.