Should I join a car club?

Wondering what the benefits of joining a car club are? Here are a few reasons to look in to it.

Should I join a car club?

Unless you are a classic car owner and lover, or an off-roader, you’ve probably never considered joining a car club.

But whether or not you’re a car enthusiast, there are many benefits to joining a car club and sharing your knowledge, passion or general fervour for weekend drives with other humans.

Sharing an interest

Maybe you love your car or a particular car brand. Perhaps you just really enjoy long weekend drives, or want to explore more of the hidden dirt tracks around Australia. Or it could be that you just love cars so much, you can’t think of a better way of spending your spare time than talking about naturally-aspirated engines and torque outputs.

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This is where a car club can really benefit you. It may sound cliché, but car clubs allow you to connect with like-minded individuals – it’s the very definition of a ‘club’.

They come in many forms – you can join a club that’s dedicated to a car type, or brand, or even just a group of people who like driving 4x4s or classic cars, so you can find something that suits you and your interests. If you want to spend your weekends debating whether turbocharged or supercharged engines are better, then you’ll find plenty of people to bite in on the argument.

Endless knowledge

If you consider yourself a car expert, then joining a car club will give you plenty of people willing to listen and learn from you. If, on the other hand, you need some knowledge – like how to fix your car, or someone with more off-road experience to travel with – then you’ll have access to it.

Additionally, car clubs often have resources available to members such as a magazine, website or forum, helping you find a specific car part for your 1970 Volkswagen Kombi. You can ask a question and watch the answers flood in – someone may even offer to replace it for you!

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Even if you don’t own a car but you have a passion for a particular ‘dream-car’, which you hope to own one day, most clubs allow non-owners to join giving you the opportunity to learn all you can about the car before you invest your hard-earned dosh.

Discounts and savings

Most car clubs have connections; this means discounts on various parts, services, insurance and events. The privileges differ between clubs, of course, so look in to it before you sign up, but if you plan on utilising these incentives, then you could find yourself quickly recouping the membership costs, especially if you end up saving money on running expenses.

Social life

You may have a busy life already, and if that’s the case, then prepare for your social life to get even busier. On the other hand, if you find yourself wishing you could fill your downtime, then the club will give you access to plenty of group outings, shows and road trips – and opportunities to show off your car.


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