Aston Martin to offer revised Vantage grille

Aston bows to critics and releases a ‘fix’ for its divisive Vantage grille

aston martin vane grille

Aston Martin will offer an alternative to the divisive grille that graces its Vantage sports car.

Consistent negative feedback surrounding the outlandish front end has forced the British manufacturer’s hand, whose Aston Martin Works restoration division will now offer the ‘Vane’ replacement grille inspired by the current DB11 front end.

It also keeps in line with the horizontal slat design (below) that’s become commonplace for the marque over the past century.

Astonss Jpg

The current generation Aston Martin Vantage made its debut in 2018 with the aggressive, gaping ‘Hunter’ grille which polarised critics who had grown accustomed to a more restrained look from Aston.

Until recently, aftermarket companies like Revenant were the only way to sort out a more traditional grille look, though Aston Martin is now taking matters into its own hands by offering the alternative to both used and new cars.

Importantly, the new grille design doesn’t impact the cooling or efficiency of the 375kW/685Nm twin-turbo V8 under the bonnet of the Vantage and the standard three-year warranty is unaffected.

'Hunter' style grille 

The conversion requires the entire front bumper and splitter to be replaced and can be completed at any Aston Martin body shop.

Despite the announcement originating from a UK-based Works shop, it’s expected that the swap-over will eventually be on offer for unsatisfied Australian customers too.

No price is listed for the conversion, with interested parties instructed to enquire with Aston Martin’s Works department for a bespoke quote.


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