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Ford retires Mondeo globally from 2022

By James Robinson, 26 Mar 2021 Car News

Ford set to retire Mondeo globally by 2022

Once-lauded model succumbs to SUV takeover

Ford has officially announced its Mondeo passenger car will be killed off globally in March of 2022.

The household name has witnessed a steep decline in sales over the last decade, as global appetites for crossovers and SUVs overtake the demand for medium-sized sedans and hatchbacks. 

The Mondeo moniker was retired in Australia last year, and although it always reviewed well with the press, it never really made an impact Down Under with consumers. 

By contrast, the Mondeo was a tour-de-force in Europe, and in the UK it was the darling of middle-management and sales reps across the country, with diesel-powered Mondeos taking British motorways by storm. 

To date, Ford has sold over five million Mondeos in the European market, and at its peak, the popularity of the model was such that Ford UK sold over 86,000 units in 2001 alone. 

However, the British arm of the Blue Oval sold less than 3000 examples of the Mondeo last year – the writing was all but on the wall. 

It was hoped the Mondeo name may be salvaged, with rumours circling last year that Ford may end up slapping the title on a yet-to-be-released small SUV.

According to a report from Auto Express though, Ford has no plans to recreate a namesake for the European market. 

“While we do not comment on speculation concerning our product plans, we can state that we have no plans for a future Mondeo in Europe,” Ford of Europe said in a recent statement. 

When production of the Mondeo does cease at the automaker’s Valencia production facility in Spain next year, Ford will utilise the extra production capabilities to focus on models like the Kuga and Explorer PHEV. 

This push towards electrified crossovers and SUVs comes in the wake of recent news that all Ford models slated for the European market will be electrified by 2026, and by 2030, the marque will be an electric-only carmaker in the continent.

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