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Honda Jazz versus Toyota Yaris in road rage incident, Italy

By Anna Kantilaftas, 10 Mar 2016 Car News

Honda Jazz versus Toyota Yaris in road rage incident, Italy

Video footage has emerged of a Honda Jazz and Toyota Yaris in a fierce street battle in Italy.

There’s nothing like a bit of road rage fury to get you through a Thursday. We’ve all been there, riding behind the backside of another car, wishing we could just nudge into them without causing any harm to them or our cars.

Unfortunately for these two drivers in Italy, their moment of driving anger has been caught on camera. In the video, the driver of a black Toyota Yaris is visibly chasing down a white Honda Jazz. The almost comedic-like street battle shows the cars screeching around corners of a one way street, with the Yaris clearly out for revenge even hitting the back of the car at one point.

We don’t have much information on what started the feud other than there was an argument between the two drivers.

The race ended when the Yaris rammed into the side of the Jazz, which carried two young children in the back. The driver of the Honda has informed the police but they didn’t arrive in time to stop the inevitable.

The Yaris driver has since been arrested and was reportedly under the influence, and the driver and passengers of the Honda are in hospital for treatment for minor injuries.

Thankfully no one was seriously injured. So what did we learn here, kids? Don’t tailgate and don’t piss off an Italian.