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Jeep Gladiator recalled due to missing tow hook cover

By Tom Fraser, 21 Feb 2021 Car News

Jeep Gladiator recalled due to exposed tow hook

Jeep Gladiator is in breach of Australian Design Rules, nine vehicles recalled due to missing tow hook cover

Jeep has issued a recall for nine of its Gladiator dual-cab utes which were sold without a bumper closeout and tow hook cover.

This renders these Gladiator examples non-compliant with Australian Design Rule 92/00, which relates to external protrusions. 

Affected Jeep Gladiator JT cars bridge the 2020-21 model year, with a full list of affected VINs below.

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Jeep says these vehicles were sold in the period 1 June 2020 – 20 January 2021. 

Product Safety Australia listed the recall on behalf of Fiat Chrysler Australia, noting that if the front bumper “does not have a closeout and tow hook cover, there is an increased risk of serious injury in the event of an accident.” 

The recall states that Jeep representatives will contact each of the affected customers to arrange for a replacement front bumper to be fitted, free of charge. 

Jeep Gladiator owners who want to get on the front foot can contact Fiat Chrysler Australia 1300 133 079 or contact Jeep on its website

Affected Jeep Gladiator VINs

  • 1C6JJTDG0LL198597
  • 1C6JJTDG1ML520505
  • 1C6JJTDG3LL198559
  • 1C6JJTDG3LL204196
  • 1C6JJTDG4LL203431
  • 1C6JJTDG4LL205194
  • 1C6JJTDG5LL205320
  • 1C6JJTDG5ML520457
  • 1C6JJTDG8ML509694