Can you guess the most popular car colour in the world?

The car colour experts at Axalta have revealed data that shows the world has very conservative tastes when it comes to colour choice

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While features, engines and technology are an important consideration in buying a new car, we all know that the colour is equally important as well.

It’s something the car colour nerds at Axalta know too, which is why they pay close attention to the changing trends of car colours the world over. Axalta has just released its 67th annual Colour Popularity Report, detailing the fact that we all have very boring tastes when it comes to painting our cars.

2019 Volvo XC40 T5 front end and grille

This year, 80 percent of new car owners picked neutral colours, with white leading the way at 38 percent of new cars (leading for its ninth consecutive year), followed by 19 percent choosing black, then 13 percent opting for grey and 10 percent selecting silver.

Rounding out the top ten list are colours like blue (7%), red (6%), brown/beige (3%), yellow/gold (2%), green (1%) and others (1%).

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More expressive options get more love in western cultures, with colours like blue being chosen 10 percent of the time in Europe and North America. It also turns out that Russia is the most receptive to creative shades, with 30 percent of buyers opting for something that isn't monochrome like black, white or silver.

Axalta also highlighted the fact that black is the most popular choice for luxury cars, especially luxury SUVs.

North America’s uptake of red is the highest of anywhere in the world, while silver is becoming less popular throughout the world and the popularity of grey is on the rise - especially in Europe.

Renault Kadjar Intens

“We are starting to see other colours make moves in popularity that might not have been thinkable in past years. For sure, the consumer is truly beginning to change the way they view their vehicle’s colour,” said Nancy Lockhart, Axalta global product manager of colour.

But while it makes sense to follow popular trends when picking a colour for your new car – especially if resale is on your mind – WhichCar reckons you should go with what makes you happy.


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