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How buying a bright car colour can affect your resale value

By Stephen Corby, 15 May 2016 Car Advice

How buying a bright car colour can affect your resale value

When choosing the colour of your new car, it’s worth keeping in mind what others might think of it when it comes time to sell

Yes, you might think you need your car to be painted the colour of an exploding lime, or an exposed baboon’s butt. It’s worth pausing for a moment, though, to consider how many people there are in the world like you.

If you’re buying a thumping big HSV, FPV or other brashmobile, choosing one of their “hero” colours – which is usually some variant of orange – probably isn’t a bad idea, because the person buying it after you will probably love it too.

With most cars, however, your personal choice will cost you when it comes to resale value if your taste tends to the extreme.

The most popular choice of new car colour in Australia is white, so it makes sense that second-hand buyers will have the same bland desires. 

This is not to say that you should buy a white vehicle, because it is a dull kind of non-choice, but it does indicate that straying too far from the conservative will make your vehicle a less attractive proposition.

Black, you’ll probably get away with because people love it, even though we all know it shows up dirt. It just looks so cool when it’s clean.

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