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Nissan 400Z performance stats revealed in video game

By James Robinson, 10 Mar 2021 Car News

Nissan 400Z performance stats revealed in video game

Project Cars 3 paints a powerful picture for the new Z car

Nissan’s next-generation Z sports car, expected to be dubbed the 400Z, will have 331kW and weigh just 1475 kilograms, according to racing car video game Project Cars 3.

The successor to the current 370Z was recently added to the popular video game as part of its “Power Pack DLC”, and whether it’s pure speculation on behalf of the game's creators, Slightly Mad Studios, or they’ve been clued up directly by Nissan, there’s no denying these are some impressive numbers.

In fact, if the figures are accurate, it means the new Z car will have a whopping 86kW more than its outgoing 370Z forebear. 

That shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as the 400Z Proto ditches the 370Z’s naturally aspirated 3.7-litre V6 in favour of the twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 currently used in the Infiniti Q50 Red Sport.

What is surprising is that despite the twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine up front, the 400Z Proto weighs 40 kilograms less than the 370Z. 

And, if this weight claim is on the money and the 400Z Proto turns out to be a thinly veiled version of the production-spec car, it also means it will weigh 20 kilograms less than its nearest competitor, the Toyota Supra (1495kg). 

WhichCar has reached out to Nissan Australia to confirm whether these performance figures could be representative of a production-spec variant of the 400Z. A spokesperson for the manufacturer was quick to remind that the Nissan Z Proto is just a prototype at this stage and nothing can be confirmed. 

There’s also no official word from Nissan as to when the production ready version of the car will be revealed. Though, we expect to see a finished version unveiled before the year is out.

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