Porsche Cayman gets smaller engines and bigger power

By Damion Smy, 27 Apr 2016 Car News

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Porsche Cayman gets smaller engines and bigger power

The new Porsche Cayman will be powered by four-cylinder turbocharged engines for the first time as it becomes the most affordable new Porsche on sale.

Revealed at the 2016 Beijing motor show, the updated Porsche Cayman coupe will start at $110,300 making it cheaper than the entry-level $113,100 Porsche Boxster convertible that until this update was priced above the coupe (pictured together below). This makes the 2016 Cayman the most affordable Porsche sports car in Australian showrooms, despite an increase in price over the existing model’s $106,200 start.

Designated the ‘718 Cayman’, the new four-cylinder turbocharged engines replace six-cylinder units as part of a mid-life update for the Porsche Cayman. There are new front and rear bumpers, head- and tail-light designs as well as an updated interior that includes a new steering wheel design. Porsche Communication Management (PCM) is now standard, and includes sat-nav and a 150W stereo.

Porsche Cayman

The biggest news is the new engine range. The four-cylinder turbocharged units bring not only greater performance, but improved fuel economy. The entry-level Cayman’s 6.9L/100km fuel economy claim means it sits brings below the 7.0L/100km Luxury Car Tax threshold for ‘fuel efficient vehicles’, effectively reducing the $4999 cost of optioning the automatic Cayman to only $1333.

The two-tier line-up starts with the Cayman, and the higher-spec Cayman S. At $110,300 the entry-level Cayman will use a mid-mounted 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder with 220kW and 380Nm. That’s considerably more than the 202kW/290Nm of the current car, despite it using a larger 2.7-litre six-cylinder. As well as improved efficiency, the four-cylinder Cayman accelerates from 0-100km/h 4.9sec – 0.7 quicker than the current model.

Porsche Cayman

For $140,000 the Cayman S has a more powerful 2.5-litre four-cylinder turbo engine, which replaces the 3.4-litre six-cylinder in the current Cayman S. It too has considerably more power, quicker acceleration claims and improved fuel economy. With the optional PDK (dual-clutch automatic) transmission and optional Sports Chrono pack, Porsche claims it will accelerate from 0-100km/h in a scant 4.2 seconds, all while recording a 0.7L/100km improvement in fuel efficiency to 7.3L/100km.

The 718 Porsche Cayman arrives in showrooms in late 2016 from $110,300.