Snackable Review: Porsche Cayman

23 Sep 2015 Car Reviews

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Snackable Review: Porsche Cayman

In many ways the Porsche Cayman is the ultimate sports car. Brilliant to look at and expertly engineered, it’s also practical and comfortable enough to use every day, yet remains one of the best driver’s cars currently on sale, no matter which variant you choose.


  • The Cayman is all about balance. Its handling is superb, its steering sharp and full of feedback and its mid-mounted flat-six engine is an absolute peach. Combine this with a tactile, well-oiled manual shift, or one of the fastest and most intuitive automatic gearboxes around and the Cayman is a hugely engaging and rewarding car to drive quickly.
  • It sounds amazing. The Cayman is offered with the choice of three, high-revving flat-six petrol engines, and all of them provide a spine-tingling exhaust note. To enhance your aural pleasure, make sure you tick the optional sports exhaust system.
  • Porsche has built an even faster one! Yep, a track-focused GT4 version of the Cayman has recently hit our roads and is propelled by a bigger, more powerful engine stolen from the iconic Porsche 911.
  • You can use it every day. The Cayman has two well-sized boots, its vision is excellent and the interior is spacious and comfortable. A supple suspension tune and superb refinement only add to its everyday usability.


  • There’s nowhere to put anything. As beautifully made and comfortable as the Cayman’s interior is, the cabin does lack storage space.
  • It’s not a 911. The Cayman sits firmly in the middle of Porsche’s range (above Boxster, below 911) in terms of price and performance, which means one day at a set of traffic lights, a 911 will pull up next to you.
  • It’s rather expensive. The base Cayman is over $106K and the new-range topping GT4 version is $190K, which we admit, is hardly cheap. Dollar for dollar, though, the Cayman offers one of the most pure driving experiences money can buy.

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