Porsche top fives - engine sounds, lairy wings and factory specials

Porsche has released a series of Top-5 videos that are sure to get fans of Germany's most famous sports car marque talking.

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IF EVER there was a difficult exercise in elimination it would be compiling a top 5 list of anything Porsche has produced.

The Stuttgart-based sportscar manufacturer has begun the daunting process with a series of Top 5 videos that are sure to provide lively talking points for Porsche fans while giving the uninitiated an idea of what all the fuss is about.

Videos so far include the ‘Top 5 Rare Porsche Factory Models’, Top 5 Wildest Porsche Spoiler and Rear Wings’ and, our favourite, ‘Top 5 Best Porsche Sounds’ which features a series of biblically epic engine notes.

We won’t spoil things except to say the cars are revved on a dyno in a soundproof room to get the best din possible. The video also doubles as a mini documentary, though the producers kindly drop the narrative and background music when the pedals are put to metal.

Top 5 Rare Porsche Factory Models is nothing less than Porsche porn, with a fella named Dieter ripping the covers off some pristine cars at the company’s historical archives where he has one of the best jobs in the world.

All five are homologation specials, or road going versions of actual racing cars, and were built in very limited numbers. Remember these whenever anyone raises the issue of what the best Porcshe ever sold was.

Top 5 Wildest Porsche Spoiler and Rear Wings shows audacious rear appendages that provide downforce to help transfer as much power through the back wheels as possible. These include the revolutionary ‘Duck Tail’ on the Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 and one car you probably did not expect. It also highlights Porsche’s incredible Weissach wind tunnel where countless tweaks have been made to the 911’s evolutionary design.


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