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The cars Holden needs to bring in NOW

By Tim Robson, 02 Nov 2018 Car News

The cars Holden needs to bring in NOW

Cadillac, Corvette, Blazer… there are more than a few GM products available that Holden could bring to Australia. Here’s eight we’d like to see pronto


Let’s face it, Holden really needs a few prayers, and soon. It’s still suffering from the self- inflicted hangover of the end of local production, which has been exacerbated by a product line that’s either shrinking, uninspiring or underperforming.

We do know, however, that the bigwigs at General Motors have heard Holden’s pleas for more product, and are – reportedly, at least – offering up some tasty right-hand-drive teasers as the company’s new global platform plans firm up ahead of a 2022 product blitz based on just four (down from 26) platforms.

So, with apologies to the product planning team at Fishermans Bend, here are a few of the vehicles Holden should pitch for right now… and a couple that it should leave in the storeroom under the stairs. You know, the one where they keep the spare fold-up chairs.

Scroll through our image gallery to see which cars from across The General’s empire that Holden should bring Down Under now.