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TV reporter fired for climbing on classic car

By Tim Robson, 25 Oct 2019 Car News

Reporter jumps on classic car

In a classic case of 'what was he thinking?!', a TV reporter is boned after bouncing on classic Thunderbird

No sound, sorry, but you can feel the pain of the owners

Doing live TV isn't easy at the best of times, and morning TV is especially fraught, as reporters try their best to keep energy levels up.


Reporter Angel Cardenas, from Sacramento TV station KMAX, took things to a new - and horrifying - level this week, though, when he covered the opening of the Sacramento Auto Show.

Angel Cardenas

Cardenas - obviously not a classic car guy - horrified onlookers as he leapt on the boot of one Ford Thunderbird, smashed the door of another into a third one and jumped on the bonnet of a Ford Explorer SUV. 

The Ford's bonnet is even heard to crinkle as Cardenas slides over it.

A wife of one Thunderbird owner is heard yelling "you'd better leave your number!" while the anchors in the KMAX studio were visibly shocked.

The fallout was swift and unmerciful, with the station firing Cardenas after complaints from car owners and show organisers.


 For his part, Cardenas claimed that the door hit move was staged, but acknowledges he "crossed a line".

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"My intentions were to never disrespect the owners of the vehicles, though it seemed that way," he said in a social post. "It was a really dumb choice on my part. I'll be reaching out to them to offer my sincere apology (sic)."


TV reporter fired after he kept jumping on rare vintage cars on air Picture: KMAX-TV/Good Day Sacramento METROGRAB

We've got mates in the Street Machine office that would love to see Cardenas locked in a small room and fed nothing but pineapple and anchovy pizza for a week for such sacrilege, so his termination from his Good Day Sacramento gig is probably not that bad an option.