Two thirds of Aussies admit to driving dangerously

New survey confirms we’re still using phones, eating takeaway, having microsleeps and even driving with our knees while behind the wheel, and Victorians and West Australians are the worst.

driving dangerously

Ninety percent of Australians who took part in a MOTOR poll in July 2018 rated themselves as seven out of 10 or better when it comes to safe driving. But a subsequent poll released by suggests we’re a nation of bad drivers – and liars.

In the 2018 Safe Driver Poll conducted by Finder, more than 62 percent of the 1800 drivers questioned admitted to driving dangerously. Extrapolate this percentage across licensed Australians, and it suggests there are 10.9 million bad drivers on our roads.

The most common risky habits people admitted to were: 25 percent have used a phone while driving, 38 percent have eaten takeaway food whilst driving, 10 percent of Australians have driven with their knees, and five percent remember having a microsleep behind the wheel.

driving dangerously

The poll says that Victorians and West Australians are the riskiest motorists, with 64 percent distracting themselves while driving. Those from New South Wales and South Australia claim to be the safest – but not by much – with 60 percent admitting to bad driving habits.

Across the country, one third of us wear thongs while operating a vehicle. Western Australians are the biggest fans of this technique with 37 percent copping to it.

One of the most talked about dangerous driving habits, using a mobile phone while driving, is still a big distraction for a large portion of Australians. Twenty percent of drivers have sent text messages while on the road, compared to 13 percent answering calls to their ear.

Generation Y was found to be the riskiest drivers, with 80 percent admitting to reckless behaviour. Baby Boomers are the safest of all, with 59 percent reporting they had never done anything risky behind the wheel.

As for the battle of the sexes, females are more likely to eat food while driving and drive in thongs or inappropriate footwear.

What bad habits do you admit to doing when driving? Tell us below.


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