Police arrest woman who passed through Melbourne COVID road block

Eve Black arrested after trying the same antics at a second Melbourne COVID road block

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UPDATE: The woman who broke through a police block last week has been arrested after trying the same stunt a second time. 

Police broke Eve Black's Toyota LandCruiser window after she refused to wind it down to supply her name and address, her licence and an explanation for where she was headed. 

Ms Black, who is from Warrandyte and was arrested in Carlton yesterday afternoon, caught the ire of social media last week after footage showed her arguing with a police officer at a checkpoint. She might have escaped arrest the first time but wasn't so lucky on Thursday.

"During the arrest, police were forced to break the woman’s car window as she refused to speak to them, wind down her window, or step out of the vehicle," a Victorian police force spokesman said.

The 28-year-old has since been released pending summons for traffic-related offences, failing to produce a licence, failing to produce name and address, and breaches of the Chief Health Officer’s directives.  

A Melbourne woman's behaviour has been called "unnecessary and childish" after she filmed herself circumventing a roadblock in COVID-19-ravaged Victoria, after allegedly sourcing a list of instructions from social media.

The video, circulated widely on social media platforms and on commercial television, shows the woman, identified in the media as Eva Black, approaching a roadblock and refusing to answer questions about her destination or whereabouts.

Upon stopping at the roadblock, a police officer is heard asking Black her reason for travelling, to which she responds “Have I disturbed the peace?”

“No,” the police officer answered. “I’m just asking what your reason for travelling is.”

“Well, I don’t need to tell you that. I don’t know you,” said Black.

“So where have you come from today,” the officer responds, to which Black says: “I don’t need to answer your questions”.

She is then seen to celebrate the encounter as she drove away.

Black celebrated her apparent achievement.

A still from the video

"Victoria Police is aware of a video circulating on social media involving a woman who refused to tell police her purpose for travelling when stopped at a vehicle checkpoint," read a statement from Victoria Police late on Friday.

"Police have confirmed the woman’s identity and are aware of the time, date and location where this interaction occurred."

With Greater Melbourne currently under Level Three travel restrictions, police confirmed that Black will be investigated for breaking the Public Health and Wellbeing Act.

"Enquiries are currently taking place to determine whether there was any breach of the CHO's directions and if any other criminal offences have taken place," said the statement.

"Police will continue to use the powers available to them under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 to ensure community safety. Likewise, they will enforce any offences identified at the time or at a later stage."

Regulation breaches in Victoria can attract hefty fines, and Victorian police appear to be in no mood to tolerate further breaches of this nature.

"People are required to produce identification if they are stopped at a checkpoint or on the street. Police are working incredibly hard to keep the community safe and this type of behaviour is just completely unnecessary and childish."


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