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Wooden Toyota Setsuna at Milan Design Week

By Anna Kantilaftas, 08 Mar 2016 Car News

Wooden Toyota Setsuna at Milan Design Week

We’ve found the ultimate burnout car – and it’s made entirely from wood.

The Toyota Setsuna is the latest concept car to come out of the Japanese automaker’s garage ready to be unveiled at Milan Design Week, which starts on April 12. The electric roadster is meant to represent the “developing relationship between people and their cars” according to the company.

As wood changes due to environmental factors and how well it’s looked after, the Setsuna (Japanese for moment) is meant to evolve and develop character as it is passed on from generation to generation. To keep track of the time passing, it includes a meter that’ll log the car’s age for 100 years. 

The Setsuna uses various types of woods, such as cedar and birch, incorporated into all aspects of the design, except the electric motor it is powered by. At this stage, we don’t have much more information about the car except there are no plans to sell it at this stage as it’s currently not road-legal.

We’re stumped as to why, but we think it could be a pretty cool concept to enter into a go-karts competition. Knowing what the Setsuna is made from though, we think we might need to axe our idea of branching out to use it as a burnout car. We think it might be a nail in the coffin.