Mini JCW Video Review

15 Oct 2015 Car Reviews

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Mini JCW Video Review

The fun-loving Mini Cooper is an icon of self-expression and personalisation. And although it has gained a few extra kilos over the years, this new model is still quintessentially ‘Mini’.


It should be pretty obvious that the Mini is a city slicker. We said that this model is a little heavier than the Minis of old, but it’s still lightweight in today’s market, and it feels most at home hustling around town.


The little Cooper goes against the rising tide of big SUVs and jacked up utes. It’s small dimensions are just made for sneaking into that tiny spot that isn’t really a car park and getting away with it. You can option all sorts of accessories to make your Mini unique to you, but above all, Minis are just fun to drive.


There’s a lot to like about the interior of the Mini. There’s more room in here than you might think, the dash lighting changes colour, there are switches on the roof like an aeroplane, and even a head-up display in some models. It’s the kind of car that makes people smile and walk up to you at the petrol station to tell you about the Mini they used to own. Few other cars are this lovable.


The new Mini is both youthful and sophisticated. It’s quick on its feet with sharp steering and impressive engine options. Even the little three-cylinder motor in the base Cooper is a good unit for the money and thrifty on fuel. Speaking of money, all the new Minis are very keenly priced compared to the outgoing models.


If we’re to pick at anything about the Mini we’d have to say that the interior lacks the premium feel of some competitors like the Audi A1 or Volkswagen Polo. On the other hand those cars lack the charisma that the Mini’s interior has. You may also find that the Mini’s ride is too firm depending on the wheel and tyre combination you choose, but adaptive dampers fix this and are an inexpensive optional extra.


If you don’t want your car to be a boring appliance like some cars are, the Mini is for you. All the clichés of good things in small packages apply to the Cooper range. They use a little to go a long way and make you feel good at the same time.

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