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Snackable Review: BMW M135i

14 Aug 2015 Car Reviews

Snackable Review: BMW M135i

It’s a unique hot-hatch that’s big on performance, but less so on standard equipment.


  • The M135i’s engine is a six-pot rocket that bolsters the M135i as one of the fastest hatches around.
  • Its hatch body style matches its performance with practicality.
  • Bi-Xenon headlights make a mockery of dark roads with bright and wide coverage.
  • Interior’s typically high quality.
  • The M leather steering wheel is delightful to grip.
  • Keen drivers will appreciate how much grip the car can generate along with its balance.
  • Eight-speed automatic transmission is silky, smooth, and fast changing in all conditions.


  • Be judicious with your right foot, though. All that mumbo through the rear wheels means they’ll spin in wet conditions.
  • While it’ll swallow luggage and four adults, it’s no station wagon. The longer the road trip, the less people you might want to lug with you.
  • Like a lot of BMWs, you need to pay attention to its options. Its equipment list misses out on a rear-view camera, which will cost $1170 as part of the Advanced Parking Package. Meanwhile, keyless entry, electric seat adjustment, and seat heating come only with a $2730 Comfort Access package.
  • Adjustable M suspension is fantastic but found in the options list, while some of its cheaper rivals have such technology standard.

Click here to find out more about the BMW M135i.

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