• You want power? Step the way of the XR8’s supercharged 5.0-litre V8. Ford may say it makes 335kW, but Ford’s clandestine overboost system means it makes closer to 400kW in the right conditions. 
  • That means it punches at the horizon like a rocket-boosted freight train. Few cars offer so much performance for $53K…
  • …all in the comfort of an Australian-made cabin that could swallow five and luggage.
  • The chassis allows it to bomb around a race track fast, as well.
  • The Falcon’s recently redesigned front and rear fascia bodes for a sharp look on the road.
  • Q-car appeal. Besides the red performance brakes, the styling is nice and understated, despite the FPV developed bits lurking underneath the subtle sheet metal.


  • Despite the performance of the car’s overall package, the experience isn’t very enrichening for a driver. The steering, chassis, and brakes feel numb.
  • The FG X update did not see any significant changes inside, and the interior looks and feels outdated.
  • The SYNC infotainment system will take some getting used to.
  • The boot’s nice and big, but lacks a flat floor. Could make for difficult handling of luggage
  • She’s thirsty. All that engine and a heavy foot can equate to a sizeable fuel bill.

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