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Snackable Review: Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG S

02 Sep 2015 Car Reviews

Snackable Review: Mercedes-Benz C63 S

The Mercedes builds on a strong luxury performance package with improved handling. For the price though, you would probably expect a touch-screen.


  • This is the sportiest version of the C-Class available and it has a powerful engine with 375kW and 700Nm of torque. That’s heaps.
  • It has a V8 (and two turbos), so it sounds great. The regular exhaust note is sporty but not too rowdy, but press the special exhaust button and it gets very loud.
  • The interior is very classy and has some neat touches like a Swiss clock on the dashboard as well as smart interior lighting. This version comes with all the bells and whistles as standard.
  • It doesn’t actually use all that much fuel (unless you drive really fast) and has an official fuel consumption average of 8.6L/100km on a combined city/highway loop.
  • The last C63 was great in a straight line, but wasn’t the best around corners. This one handles much better, especially when the suspension is set to Sport.


  • The ride is a bit firm for everyday driving. You can select different suspension modes, but even in the Comfort setting the ride can get a bit annoying on bumpy roads.
  • Wrap-around sports seats are standard and they are supportive but feel thin and hard. Thankfully, you can swap them for softer but still supportive Comfort seats at no extra cost.
  • It is a great car and comes with all the gear, but the prices are prohibitive at $154,510 for the sedan and $157,010 for the wagon.
  • Mercedes-Benz still refuses to fit touch screens to their cars and this can take a while to get used in the new age of touch screen smart phones. The central controller can take some time to master.

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