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15 Years of Ford Barra Turbo Sixes

16 Dec 2017 Features

ford barra turbo inline 6

Ford's Turbo Terrors - 12 key boosted straight-six milestones to remember

Ford Australia's homegrown "Barra" straight-six turbo proved that we aren't just a nation of V8s, but a nation of great engines. 

Smooth running, tough, and packing plenty of torque with huge tuning potential, the Barra gave its V8 contemporaries a real run for their money and is often rated as one of the best of its kind. We list the 12 key milestones in Ford's straight-six masterpiece over the past decade and a half. 

1 - BA XR6 Turbo (2002)

With a 240kW/450Nm straight six, BTR four-speed auto or Tremec five-speed manual in a sedan/ute, this is genesis for force-fed Fordies. 

2 - BA II XR6 Turbo (2004)

No power or torque upgrades, but the out-of-date five-speed manual (T5) is replaced with a six-speed unit (T56).

3 - BA II F6 Typhoon (2004)

The 270kW/550Nm FPV F6 was six-speed-manual only, could be optioned with Brembos for $5K and also gave us the Tornado Ute.

4 - BF XR6 Turbo (2005)

Headlining the BF shift was the introduction of the ZF six-speed automatic. Power and torque also received a tickle by 5kW and 30Nm.

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5 - BF II XR6 Turbo (2006)

Thanks to the FPV F6 Typhoon, the XR6T gains stronger internals with beefed-up valve springs and tougher conrods.

6 - BF II FPV Force 6 (2006)

Previewed the G6E Turbo luxo rockets of the future with understated looks but the full-house Typhoon drivetrain. Rare.

7 - SY Territory Turbo (2006)

For the ’06 model year Ford stuck in the 245kW/480Nm six tied to all-wheel drive to create our very own performance SUV.

8 - FG XR6 Turbo (2008)

Apart from the cabin and exterior overhaul, the FG used a smaller turbo (less lag) with a remapped ECU for 270kW/533Nm.

9 - SY FPV F6X 270 (2008)

The name says it all, really. All-wheel drive, six-speed auto only and the 270kW/550Nm heart from the F6. Drank fuel like mad.

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10 - FG FPV F6 (2008)

Along with a name change to simply F6 (sedan and ute), power rose to 310kW/565Nm as well as steering/suspension tweaks.

11 - FG II XR6 Turbo (2010)

Series II FGs gained an eight-inch colour touchscreen as well as improved sound deadening. Beginning of the end.

12 - FG X Sprint 6 (2016)

Combine the high-comp XR6T engine with F6 ancillaries and you get the ultimate Barra with up to 370kW/650Nm.