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Ford Falcon poll

With the end of local Falcon production sadly less than two weeks away, it's time to celebrate its glorious 56-year history.

In our latest issue, which hits stands September 30, we count down the 10 greatest performance Falcons of all time. But that's our view, we want yours.

Below you'll find the shortlist in no particular order, and at the bottom is the poll where you can have your say as to what's the greatest fast Ford Australia has ever produced. Is your favourite not on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

Ford BA Falcon XR6 Turbo

Ford -BA-Falcon -XR6-TurboArriving in late-2002, the XR6 Turbo put Ford back on the map and proved once again that Aussie muscle cars don't have to have eight cylinders.

Ford EB II Falcon S XR6

Ford EB II Falcon S XR6With the EB II update in 1992 came the involvement of Tickford and introduction of a new badge. The S XR6 went like the clappers and handled well, too. After a decade in the doldrums, Ford was back in the performance car game.

Ford FG X Falcon XR8 Sprint

Ford FG X falcon XR8 sprintIt may be showing its age in certain areas, but the XR8 Sprint is also the fastest Falcon there's ever been, so is more than worthy of its place on the list.

Ford XA Falcon GT Hardtop

Ford XA Falcon GTAfter the high of the XY the larger, softer XA could be seen as a comedown, but it introduced a coupe bodyshell, and in RPO83 form, scored choice bits from the stillborn Phase IV program.

Ford XE Fairmont ESP 5.8

Ford XE Fairmount ESPFord said goodbye to the V8 Falcon forever in 1982, or at least so it thought. At least it went out in style, with the XE ESP available with either the 302ci or big 351ci V8.

Ford XR Falcon GT

Ford XR Falcon GTThe car that started it all. Every Australian muscle car owes a debt to the XR Falcon GT, as it raised the performance game to unheard of levels and scored a 1-2 finish on its debut at Bathurst in 1967.

Ford XY Falcon GT-HO Phase III

Ford XY Falcon GT HOFor many, the king. To this day the XY GT-HO Phase III is still the most desirable Australian performance car of all time, its status reflected in its enormous value. 

FPV BF F6 Typhoon

FPV BF TyphoonThe XR6 Turbo may have introduced the concept, but FPV fulfilled the turbo Falcon's promise with the awesome Typhoon. Early clutch dramas were an unfortunate hiccup, but from there it just got better and better.


FPV FG II GTThe introduction of the locally-built and developed 'Miami' 5.0-litre supercharged V8 changed the muscle car game in late-2010. Suddenly, 12-second quarters were on the agenda as FPV fired a shot across HSV's bows.

Tickford T3 TE50/TS50 

Tickford TE50Tired of being beaten up by LS1-powered HSVs, Tickford got serious in the twilight of the unloved AU Falcon's career and introduced the T3 TE/TS50 with a 5.6-litre stroked Windsor, securing a win over the VX Clubsport in a MOTOR comparison test.


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