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Audi RS7 Performance Acceleration Testing

By Scott Newman, 20 Dec 2016 Features

Insane pace from Audi's 445kW/750Nm missile

Audi RS7 Performance Acceleration Testing

Audi's RS7 has always been a bit of a sleeper. You don't see many around, with most punters putting down their money on the RS6 station wagon.

To be honest, that's probably what we'd do too - there's just something unbelievably cool about a 400kW+ station wagon - but the RS7 does have some unique charms of its own. The styling is an acquired taste but we think it looks pretty classy and while the interior is showing its age in a few areas, it's still a beautiful place to spend time.

Audi RS7 Performance Acceleration Testing rear
Then there's the RS7's party trick, the hugely powerful 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 under the bonnet. During PCOTY 2014 it clocked 0-100km/h in just 3.90sec and 11.90sec quarter mile, crazy fast for a two-tonne limo.

Now, however, there's an even faster version, the RS7 Performance, lifting outputs to 445kW/750Nm, which is bordering on the absurd. It was only right, then, that for a recent comparison we pointed its nose down the Heathcote drag strip to see what effect those extra ponies had.

Audi RS7 Performance Acceleration Testing side
Spoiler alert, but if you've read this far we're going to assume you've already watched the video. Despite packing just eight per cent extra power and seven per cent extra torque, the RS7 Performance slashes its 0-100km/h time to a mind-blowing 3.37sec and its quarter mile effort to just 11.29sec at 202.79km/h.

These numbers make it the fastest standard four-door production car we've ever tested. Whether it can hold on to that title once the new Mercedes-AMG E63 and BMW M5 arrive next year, we'll have to wait and see.