Green cars are fast becoming a popular choice in Australia, and with the announcement of an electric car charge station in Sydney, hybrid cars are obviously the smarter, cleaner choice over conventional cars.

Basically a hybrid car is one that combines electric energy with petrol energy. They have two motors, an electric motor which is used for driving at low speeds and a small petrol powered motor which switches over when you are on the open road or driving at faster speeds.

Currently there are six hybrid cars available in Australia including:

&#62 Toyota Camry Hybrid - $36,990 RRP
&#62 Toyota Prius Hybrid - $39,990 RRP
&#62 Honda Civic Hybrid - $38,800 RRP
&#62 Lexus RX450h Prestige 4D wagon CVT - $89,900 RRP
&#62 Lexus GS 450h 4D sedan CVT - $126800 RRP
&#62 Lexus LS600hL 5 seat CVT Hybrid - $243,900 RRP

Benefits of hybrid cars over petrol only cars
Current hybrid models are best suited to city dwellers that mostly do short trips due to the low running costs; however they can suit most people depending on their driving needs. More hybrid cars are due to be released over the next year or so that are currently available overseas, including 4WD versions for more economical off-road driving.

A hybrid car offers many advantages over conventional petrol-only cars including:

&#62 Reduces your environmental impact by emitting fewer gases into the atmosphere, to keep our planet cleaner for the next generations
&#62 As you use less or sometimes no fuel, saving you thousands of dollars in petrol costs
&#62 More efficient with more mileage to the gallon
&#62 Quieter to run

Tips to greener motoring
Regardless of whether you purchase a hybrid car or a regular car, you can still do your part for the environment. Here are some tips that will ensure that you not only reduce carbon emissions but help you save money in the long-term.

When buying a new car be aware of its green vehicle rating and fuel efficiency. The higher the rating the better it is for the environment, the more fuel efficient the more you mileage you get and ultimately the more bang for your buck.

Look at whether you can modify your driving habits to reduce fuel consumption, such as keep to the speed limit and lighten up on the accelerator.

Offset carbon emissions produced by your car, there are companies such as can assist you in doing this.

When insuring your car look at choosing greener car insurance. Compare car insurance online to find an insurance company that offers the lowest premium but also helps the environment by offering carbon neutral car insurance such as ibuyeco, which has partnered with Greening Australia to assist in a number of tree replenishing projects to 100 percent offset the estimated carbon emissions from your vehicle.