MOTOR’s Top 10 videos of 2017

Our favourite moments the camera crew were able to capture

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While MOTOR is most well-known for the magazine we produce, it’s safe to say millions of people have also seen our work online, whether through our site or social media.

Our video crew is responsible for some of the most popular content we produce – who doesn’t love seeing the rear tyres of a hi-po car turning into smoke?

So in no particular order, here are our favourite videos from the year.

1. Walkinshaw W557 shreds tyres

What happens when you put 557kW and 930Nm through the drivetrain of a Commodore and then take it to a racetrack? R.I.P Continentals.

This smoke-fest was undoubtedly the most popular video MOTOR has produced this year, with over 1 million people having witnessed its glory.

2. Guilia QV vs M3 Competition vs C63 S

The Alfa Giulia is the new kid on the block, but it’s here to take on the big boys from Germany.

We took the trio to a track to see which is the wildest weapon.

3. Stinger GT at the Nürburgring

The most anticipated newcomer for most this year was the Kia Stinger GT, and when it was launched, Kia chose one hell of a place to do it.

Though our dear leader Dylan wasn’t going ten-tenths, MOTOR’s editor still managed to extract a bit of fun from South Korea’s twin-turbo rear-driver.

4. Performance Car Podcast: Falcon XR8 Sprint

In two parts, we spoke to some Blue Oval die-hards in the hope of drawing out the stories which make Ford fans what they are.

In part one, we chat to a man who helped build them, then we chat to someone who bought one in part two.

5. Performance Car of the Year: Porsche 911 Turbo S

This year’s PCOTY winner was one that may have surprised few, but was still well deserved. Porsche’s domination of PCOTY really just comes down to the fact that the 911 has been honed over decades to make it a razor-sharp tool.

6. WRX STI vs Evo rally-off

Japan’s off-road racer go head to head in a dusty showdown built on decades of pedigree. But as both cars are getting on, which holds onto its youth the best?

7. Focus RS wins Bang For Your Bucks 2017

Though it was towards to pricier end of the pack, the Ford Focus RS was just too much fun for its price to let it down. Even the harsh BFYB formula agreed that the RS was worth every dollar.

8. First Aussie fang in the Hyundai i30

While we were at Rally Australia, soaking up the Coffs Harbour sun and breathing that fine sea air – okay it was rainy and dusty – Hyundai let us have a little play in its new hot hatch, the i30 N.

9. Performance Car Podcast with John Bowe

The man really needs no introduction, but we felt it would be a good idea to put JB in the drivers seat and let him tell us what we don’t already know about his career. It’s a must-watch for any die-hard Aussie racing fans.

10. Roadster rev-battle

They’re not the wildest of cars, but the MX-5 and Abarth 124 Spider can still put a smile on your face with their rorty little engines and sporty exhaust notes.

We had a BRZ tagging along too, so we compared flat-four to inline goodness. Check it out here.


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