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Opinion: Are hairdressers secret car enthusiasts?

By Chris Thompson, 09 Dec 2019 Features

Opinion Are hairdressers car enthusiasts feature

Do hairdressers really drive the cars you think they do? Because if they do, good on ‘em

The idea of a hairdresser’s car as a joke for anything slightly feminine is a little overdone, and perhaps even a tad problematic. But I reckon, if hairdressers are actually getting around in cars like MX-5s, S2000s, and Audi TTs, they could actually be on our side.

The three I’ve already mentioned are the classic examples of cars that cop the accusation, perhaps the NA MX-5 more than any, but there are plenty of others I’ve heard the comment aimed at. A more recent example is the Toybaru 86BRZ.

But for all the rounded styling, relatively low power (for sports cars, anyway), and ability to drop the top, these cars are very good steers. Better than the 3.8-powered VS Commodore from which the hairdresser allegations typically originate, at least.

A recent encounter with a late model TT S reminded me (even though it’s got a little more grunt than the likes of the Toybaru) how capable it is as a sports car, and that you’d have to be silly to limit yourself to driving it between home, the shops, and the hair studio.

What I’m saying is drive an MX-5, an 86, or a TT, and you’ll be surprised there aren’t more street racing barbers. The chassis movement and playful nature of the MX-5 is probably it’s become one of the most respected sports cars of the last few decades, and the steering quality of the 86/BRZ puts far more expensive rigs to shame.

MOTOR comparison: MX-5 ND v NA

The fact these cars are so engaging is why they need to be experienced before being dismissed as statements of fashion over form. If they’re hairdresser's cars, then the person who cuts your hair is going to have more fun on their way home than you will.

Pretty much every staff member at MOTOR would happily own a Toyota 86, and our dear leader isn’t exactly growing golden locks. Not that you need to have an excess of hair to cut it, I suppose.

Hell, even our long-time contributor Morley owns an NA MX-5, and we don’t reckon a pair of scissors has been anywhere near him for years. I own one too, but I’ve had a haircut this century.

Okay, so maybe now this just looks like an attempt to use the fact I work for a car magazine and am able to publish an opinion piece to defend my car ownership choices. But I promise it’s not.

Hairdressers and barbers, if you’re reading this, I salute you and your stereotypical vehicles of choice. Unless you own a New Beetle.

Anyway, I’m starting to ramble, and this column is getting a little long. Perhaps I’ll just trim it down… maybe a little off the top?

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