We’ve all watched rally drivers in awe. It’s art-like the way they dance roll-caged weapons across gravel, snow and dirt, millimetres from trees. But if there ever was a reason not to try it ourselves, this may be it.

Wince-inducing but strangely mesmerising at the same time, rally car crashes are like a celebrity wardrobe malfunction – you can’t look away. This video is no different. Flying BMWs, imploding Citroens, and spectators left lucky to be alive, this is one of the most painful compilations we’ve recently come across.

Four-wheel drive won’t necessarily save you either. Watch as Subarus and Lancer Evos suffer the same crumpled fate as the two-wheel drive punters. It is amazing European panel beaters aren’t all flying King Lears with so much destruction. Go on, have a watch and tell us you disagree.