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Watch a Ferrari 250 GTO getting binned at Goodwood

By Cameron Kirby, 11 Sep 2017 Features

$50 million worth of prancing stallion ended up slightly worse for wear

Watch a Ferrari 250 GTO getting binned at Goodwood

THE GOODWOOD time warp and tweed festival (aka the Goodwood Revival), was held over the weekend, and as you’d expect it was excellent.

The event was filled to the brim with top-notch classic racing amidst a joyous atmosphere that celebrated all things stylishly retro and classy motoring.

One of the nasty side effects of classic motorsport however, is that you tend to bend some very expensive cars, such as a Ferrari 250 GTO that was estimated to be worth upwards of $50 million.

Owned by Anthony Bamford, and driven by Andrew Newall and Frank Tippler, the ’64 250 GTO ended up in the barriers during practice for the RAC Club TT race after an evasive action to dodge the 250LM driven by Chris Harris.

But don’t despair, as while it may bring a tear to your eye seeing such a beautiful machine crash, it was being used exactly as Enzo himself would have intended – and repair costs are likely to be just a fraction of the car’s worth.

To help raise your spirits, enjoy this fantastic onboard footage of the car at full chat around the Goodwood circuit.

While the now slightly bent Ferrari is a legitimate 250 GTO, a couple of other cars that were at the event were in fact replicas – fooling at least one high-profile vlogger.

Other highlights from the event included this stonking stoush between a gaggle of Jaguars and Cobras.

Unfortunately the weather turned rather foul partway through the weekend, resulting in some rather tricky conditions. Nevertheless, the drivers persisted.

Praise be to the Goodwood Revival, and all the legendary owners and drivers that take part in it every year.