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Tatonka Multi Set Cookware

By Gemma Black, 27 Jul 2011 Electronics & Gadgets

Tatonka Multi Set Cookware

You thought compact gear was just for bushwalkers, but efficiency is always a good thing.

You thought compact gear was just for bushwalkers, but efficiency is always a good thing.

Compact, light cooking sets are primarily designed for hikers who need to carry their livelihoods on their back, rather than in the back of a big 4X4. However, clever, compact design is always a good thing, and the Tatonka Multi Set fuel stove would be useful for anyone looking to save space, or planning on spending a few days on foot, away from the fourby.

The Tatonka set’s two pots (1.4 and 1.6 litres), small frypan, detachable pot gripper, burner, wind shield and stand all pack neatly into a synthetic drawstring bag, like a Russian babushka doll. All parts that come into contact with food are made from stainless steel, as opposed to aluminium, which is popular with hikers as it’s lighter, but it’s also less durable and more likely to ‘flavour’ your food.

For fuel, I used methylated spirits, which I stored in a purpose-built 300mL dispenser, of which about 150mL was required for one overnight jaunt.

There are several advantages to using alcohol as a fuel. Odourless, cheap and easily available, it is also safer than pressurised gas, and it burns quietly.

It does, however, have drawbacks. In daylight the flame is invisible, so be careful – use a leaf or blade of grass to check it’s alight. Burning alcohol is also difficult at high altitudes or in cold climates, so alpine travellers take note.

Once lit, you can extinguish the flame by suffocating it with the back of the lid. The set also comes with a flame regulator, for different heating requirements, but you won’t need it for standard tasks like boiling water.


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