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Travel Buddy 12V Oven

By Mike Pavey, 11 Aug 2014 Electronics & Gadgets

Travel Buddy 12V Oven

Eating tasty tucker while out and about exploring Oz just got a whole lot easier.

Ask a random group of strangers about the usefulness of a 12V oven drawing six amps and the likely response may not be overwhelmingly positive. However, when observed in action it’s another matter altogether.

Recently on a club trip, the convoy stopped for a short break to allow everyone to catch up. I traced the waft of baked goods to a friend’s vehicle armed with a tray of sausage rolls – their popularity immediately increased.

The 12V Travel Buddy is a clever bit of kit, powered by a cigarette plug attachment. The oven is designed and manufactured in Australia, constructed from insulated stainless-steel so the oven can be used on the run, without fear of burning occupants, clothes or other materials it may come into contact with.

Ideally it should be mounted in a dedicated area where it can’t move around and risk clocking someone in an accident.

For simplicity, the controls are limited to a on/off dial with an integrated two hour timer, which helps limit the current draw. When the timer expires, the oven switches off automatically, sounding a bell. The oven door has a snip lock to keep its contents secured and a light confirms the oven is on.

Like household ovens, it needs to be preheated to operate effectively and can reach up to 170 degrees Celsius. For groups of smaller items such as sausage rolls, it’s better to use small oven foil trays and load them up before you open the door, to minimise heat loss.

For cooking on the go, particularly for those who regularly clock up heaps of miles, the Travel Buddy is a winner.

It can cook and heat as you drive, without impacting on your battery reserves.

It will keep you fuelled up with tasty tucker for your trip – you can’t get much better than that.

We say: Ideal for mile munchers.
RRP: $205
Contact: www.12-24voltovens.com.au