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We test the Ryobi One+ Shoplight

By Matt Raudonikis, 02 Jul 2020 Gear

We test the Ryobi One+ Shoplight

The Ryobi One+ Shoplight could be the one and only light you'll ever need.

HAVING A reliable and versatile torch in your fourby and shed is invaluable, but there’s nothing worse than picking up said torch when you need it only to find its batteries are flat.

Rechargeable is where it’s at and some smaller torches and headlamps can easily be kept powered using your car’s USB points. But when you want a stronger light for working under the bonnet or under the car, more power is required.

Already having a selection of Ryobi’s One+ range of power tools at home, I’ve now added the One + Hybrid Shoplight to the kit and it should serve as a versatile light for working on the car and around the campsite.

COMPARED: LED vs HID vs Halogen

The premise of the One+ range of products is that it is extensive and all powered off the same battery-pack design. These Ryobi One+ products extend from lights and power tools right up to lawn mowers and chainsaws and as they all use the same batteries, you don’t need a selection of different batteries and chargers.

The batteries are 18-volt lithium units and come in a range from 1.5amp/h to 9amp/h models that are all interchangeable with the tools in the One+ range. If you have an invertor in your car you can charge the batteries wherever you are and use them for other tools like the One+ impact driver for removing wheel nuts. There is also one 12V car charger available to charge batteries on the run.

The Ryobi One+ folding Shoplight features two 250mm light panels, each containing ten 12W LED chips to give out a wide, bright light. The panels can be powered individually or together for maximum light output. The unit has a folding head that swings though 270° to give light wherever you want it, while the housing has a number of different hooks and mounting points to secure it where needed. The light stands 440mm tall with the battery fitted.

LED Test: Driving light comparison

The Shoplight doesn’t come with a battery but that wasn’t a problem as I already have some for the other Ryobi One+ products. It can also be powered directly from a 240V AC plug at a workbench. Cleverly, the 240 plug has a safety cover that prevents the plug going in when there is a battery installed and visa versa.

The Ryobi Shoplight has become a handy torch for use around the house, the campsite, in the car and, as mentioned, being able to use the batteries I already have or 240V power, it’s always ready to go.


Available from: Bunnings stores nationwide; www.ryobi.com.au
Price: $109 (+battery)
We say: Functional and versatile light for at home, camping and in the 4x4.