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10 little VF II Commodore things

By David Morley, 09 Oct 2015 News

10 little VF II Commodore things

Five things we like, five things we dislike

We've now driven Holden's new LS3-powered VF II Commodore, but for those short of time here are a few things we like…

  • Feel the noise – I can’t remember a lairier sounding stock Holden. Period. Proves that exhaust noise is like money: Some is good, more is better.
  • White, black, red – No, not the national flag of Yemen, but the SS-V Redline in white with the black roof and red calipers. Tasty.
  • Anchors away – Those Brembos on the Redline are some marvellous stoppers. Staying power galore and a great pedal feel.
  • Collectability – You’re unlikely to lose money on a Series 2 SS over the longer term.
  • Passion lives here – The people who built this car, love this car. And you can feel that depth of enthusiasm when you drive the SS.

Holden -VF-II-Commodore -rearAnd a few things we don't…

  • Bowser blues – I know it won’t bother the faithful, but an extra litre per 100km for the new car kind of grates a bit. No new model Commodore has ever gone backwards on fuel economy before.
  • Blind spot – That thick A-pillar remains to hide anything smaller than a Airbus A380 when you’re turning right.
  • When is bright not so bright? – When it’s applied to flat surfaces in and around the centre console to reflect every stray ray of sunlight.
  • Big fat mama – Can’t help but wonder what a dead-set weapon this thing would be with 300kg lopped off its weighbridge ticket.
  • Sayonara big guy – Yep, this is the last Aussie designed, Aussie made big Holden we’ll ever see. And there won’t be a V8 post 2017. Sniff.