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1975 Porsche 911S is Corvette V8-swapped

By Chris Thompson, 02 Jul 2018 News

GM’s LS6 finds its way into the rear of a Porsche icon

1975 Porsche 911S is Corvette V8-swapped news

Swapping the engine of a Porsche is always going to cause distress amongst Porsche purists, and this example is no different.

Classic car valuation and insurance company produced this video with the owner of a 1975 Porsche 911S, who takes his V8-swapped 911 around a track in California.

According to Hagerty, Bob Radke found (and bought, we assume) this 911S with no engine, so decided not to pop a 2.7-litre flat-six back in the rear end.

Instead, he looked to the ever-popular LS engine – in this case the Corvette’s mighty LS6. This modified engine now sites neatly in the back of Radke’s 911S, and actually sounds quite good if you can bring yourself to forget it’s coming from a classic Porsche.

The modifications which Radke, a tuner by trade, outlines in the video above make the engine a little more powerful – it now puts out 450kW and around 736Nm of torque.

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Radke came about this car with help from an outfit called Renegade Hybrids, a company in Nevada which specialises in turning Porsches into machines powered by American V8s.

“Reduced weight of the LS Series is also a HUGE advantage over the "big" 911 motors,” the Renegade site says.

“Weighing less than a completely dressed 3.0-litre N/A motor, the LS Series has turbo performance with much less than turbo-six weight.

For about $2,600 American dollars, Renegade sells a conversion kit to make your 911 the subject of snide remarks at a Porsche club meet.

That doesn’t seem to bother Bob Radke though – we’d guess he’s perfectly happy with his 911S, even if you’re not.