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2015 Geneva Motor Show: That deflated feeling

By Toby Hagon, 05 Mar 2015 News

2015 Geneva Motor Show: That deflated feeling

There's two types of debuts at the Geneva motor show; the ones that work, and the ones that don't

THE 2015 Geneva motor show was the usual blur of sexy new models, immaculately robed show girls and carefully choreographed reveals.


Occasionally, things don’t always go to plan, such as the gleaming red Tata trying to stand out from the show crowds – something it achieved thanks to a flat front tyre.

Or the Sbarro Grand Prix concept that was designed to pay homage to older F1 cars.

Then there was Borgward.

No, it’s not the latest spicy sausage from your gourmet butcher but an “accessible premium” car maker (OK, not yet because it doesn’t actually produce cars) with grand ambitions.

The brand confidently boasts of a 2018 sales target of 800,000 cars.

To put that in perspective that’s about half what BMW and Audi sells. The world’s oldest car maker and a giant in the luxury space that’s spent untold trillions and more than a century building its brand and producing some of the world’s finest vehicles in 2013 sold almost 1.4 million cars.

There’s about as much chance of Borgward muscling in on the luxury elite within three years as there is of Tony Abbott becoming US president (or keeping his local job…).

For now Borgward refuses to outline exactly how or where it will produce its cars, what models it will sell and who is funding this comeback of comebacks.

International media have reported Chinese truck maker Foton is behind the bid; presumably there will be a production line in China capable of producing the flurry of game changing vehicles planned.

Former Saab and Mercedes-Benz designer Einar J Hareide said there will be a ready-to-sell family car shown at the 2015 Frankfurt motor show in September and, on average, two cars released every year.

Where will they be produced?

“Can’t talk about that,” Haraide told Wheels.

How many employees does this soon-to-be-born-again brand have?

“Don’t have a number in my head but it’s quite a substantial number.”

How big is your design team?

“It’s a big design team”.

For now the best Borgward could show at Geneva was a logo and a pristine example of its 50-something year-old Isabella Coupe.

Oh, and F1 legend Sir Stirling Moss was on the stand offering his support for the brand.

“We are going under the radar,” said Haraide. “It must be this way. We will reveal things bit after bit.”