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2018 Dodge Challenger Demon pricing announced

By Chris Thompson, 24 May 2017 News

2018 Dodge Demon burnout1

The difference between regular power and full 626kW blast is only $1 USD

The world’s fastest quarter-mile production car will cost $84,995 USD.

That may seem like a lot of money to pay for a Dodge, especially considering that turns into $113,900 here in Oz. Not that we’ll likely see any of them.

2018 Dodge Challenger Demon engine bay
But to take the 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon to its maximum you need the Demon Crate, a pack which allows all 626kW/1043Nm to be unleashed, buyers need only hand over an extra dollar.

“The Demon Crate and the performance parts it holds are valued at $6,140, but Challenger SRT Demon owners can buy the entire package for $1.”

The interesting move to make the main extras – also including the front passenger seat, rear seat, and trunk carpet – all cost $1, is down to Dodge wanting to maintain the value in purchasing one.

2018 Dodge Challenger Demon interior
“Eighty-five thousand dollars is not just a number in a business case to Dodge; we know it's a lot of money and a significant up-charge over a Challenger Hellcat,” says FCA North America passenger cars boss Tim Kuniskis.

“We worked very hard to build as much value into the Challenger SRT Demon as possible – features, performance and exclusivity that simply can't be duplicated with a goal of maintaining, and possibly even growing, as much future value as possible.”

2018 Dodge Challenger Demon rear
Of course, there’s a list of far more expensive extras, though we’re not sure many customers will go for the $5000 sunroof. Red seat belts for $195 are a more likely pick up.

In the US autumn, or our fall, the 3300 Demons will start rolling out of dealerships. Be ready for some crazy dragstrip videos.