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2018 Suzuki Swift Sport revealed before Frankfurt Motor Show

By Chris Thompson, 25 Jul 2017 News

2018 Suzuki Swift Sport main

Third generation ‘warm hatch’ from Suzuki to officially debut in September

Almost two months before its debut, the 2018 Suzuki Swift Sport has been ‘unofficially’ revealed by the company as a teaser image.

The Sport appears to feature a larger grille, mores aggressive styling with sharper lines, and wheels reminiscent of our Skoda Octavia RS230 long-term test car.

With the Swift Sport having been out of production for a short while, its return to the warm hatch segment will be a welcome one. The Ford Fiesta ST could do with some competition.

Suzuki Swift Sport badgeThe most recent Swift Sport was endowed with a full century, or 100kW of power from its 1.6-litre NA motor, which was up 8kW from the previous iteration.

We won’t know the full details of the next Swift Sport’s performance figures until it’s been officially released, but the expectation is that the Sport will house the donk from Suzuki’s current Vitara S Turbo, which is a 1.4-litre turbo pumping out 103kW and an impressive 220Nm.

This, in a car which should weigh in at just under the tonne, should make for a lightweight hero in the small hatch class. Keep in mind that the engine will likely be tuned differently for the Swift, and therefore (hopefully) put out a touch more power.

Suzuki Swift badgeAll we have confirmed from Suzuki so far is the following:

“Embodying the brand’s sporty profile, the Swift Sport has always held a special place in Suzuki’s lineup since the first generation launched in 2005.

“The new third-generation model has undergone a complete redesign and delivers an all-new level of excitement for sport minded drivers across the world.

“Details of the new Swift Sport will be revealed at the Suzuki press conference during the [Frankfurt] Show.”