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Honda Civic Type R cops facelift for 2020

By Chris Thompson, 13 Jan 2020 News

2020 Honda Civic Type R facelift revealed news

Honda’s hot hatch hero gets a refresh, revealed at Tokyo Auto Salon

The Honda Civic Type R is due for a facelift – and Honda’s just revealed the details.

The car which took out MOTOR’s Performance Car of the Year 2018 and Bang For Your Bucks trophies (making it the only car to do so) in the same year, will receive a small visual and mechanical update, Honda announced at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

The most obvious change visually will be a smaller bar across the front grille to allow more space for the vent and therefore better engine cooling.

The side vents, which until now were mostly made of a solid plate which mimicked a grille, no longer pretend to be a full vent, instead making the real vent more visible and incorporating a small body-coloured ‘blade’ within its section of the bumper. The fog lamps retain their place within the grille’s outline section.

At the rear, the vent-lookalike panels also get a body-coloured blade-like feature through the space they occupy.

Bang for Your Bucks 2019: Civic Type R

Though not confirmed for Australia, a new paint colour is also set to be available for the US market. Called ‘Boost Blue’ (pictured), the bright hue will be exclusive to Type R models.

The Type R’s drivetrain remains unchanged – a 228kW/400Nm turbo four-cylinder – for now, but Honda says the US market will also get updated dampers and stiffer rear bushings, with changes to the front suspension also expected to improve steering. New two-piece brake rotors and new brake pads are also on the cards.

Honda Australia has told MOTOR it’s unable to reveal exact details of the updated Type R for Australia, but is able to confirm an update will arrive later in 2020.

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