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2021 Shelby Super Snake revealed with 615kW

By Cameron Kirby, 15 Mar 2021 News

2021 Shelby Super Snake revealed with 615kW

If you are willing to pay, you could be driving it legally on Australian roads

Australian customers will soon be able to add a 615kW-plus Mega Mustang to their shopping list, thanks to Shelby American and Mustang Motorsports.

Shelby American have revealed its 2021 line-up, featuring a trio of GT500-based Mustangs with wider front guards, meatier rubber, and even more power (somehow!).

The halo of the range is the new Shelby Super Snake, which features a monstrous 615kW from a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine.

With widebody front guards, the Shelby Super Snake also boasts an impressive footprint to put all that power to the ground, using 305/30R20 rubber on all four corners.

The new Super Snake also features forged one piece wheels, and improved brakes and suspension.

“Collaborating with Ford Motor Company, Penske, Borla, Brembo and other key companies, we dialled in a unique personality for each car targeted to a specific type of driver,” said Vince LaViolette, Shelby American Vice President of Operations and Chief Designer.

“And then we spent countless hours, miles and laps refining the vehicles. That quality shows in every car we build today.”

New for 2021 is the Shelby GT500 Signature Edition (SE), which benefits from a redesigned bonnet made from carbon fibre, along with modified suspension.

“We enjoy a very close relationship with the team at Ford,” added LaViolette.

“This helped us maximize our design for the functional hood, as well as tune suspension dynamics and even determine the impact of additional power on the dual clutch transmission.

“Our SE package takes the new Shelby GT500 and gives it a sharper edge with even greater capabilities, without voiding the warranty.”

If you are after something a little more unique, Shelby American is also offering a ‘Speedster’ version of the Super Snake, which can be optioned for convertible variants.

This adds a convertible tonneau, Penske track suspension, and rear seat delete with harness bar.

Just 98 units of both the GT500 SE, Shelby Super Snake, and Speedster variants will be made, that number paying homage to what would be Carroll Shelby’s 98th birthday this year.

Mustang Motorsport Australia is able to bring these cars to Australia for willing customers, and convert them to right-hand drive.

While it’s not cheap, putting a Shelby Super Snake in your garage would transfer you immediately to the top of the Mustang owner food chain thanks to its rarity and prodigious performance.

We tested a Shelby Super Snake in 2019, with the 600kW/980Nm monster costing $183,649.

While final pricing hasn’t been confirmed, Mustang Motorsport says customers can expect a slight bump compared to the previous model due to the increase in power and new widebody guards. The 2020 Super Snake started at $95,000, plus the price of the base car.