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Leaked image of 2022 Alfa Romeo GTV surfaces

By Chris Thompson, 02 Apr 2019 News

2022 Alfa Romeo GTV image leaked

FCA event leads to 2022 Alfa Romeo GTV image leaking online

A leaked image of what is almost certainly the 2022 Alfa Romeo GTV has been circling the web after being picked up by an Italian Alfa site.

ClubAlfa says it first found the image on a ‘well-known Facebook page’, though we found no record of the image existing on the social media platform before the story published.

As per the Fiat Chrysler Automotive business update in June last year, Alfa Romeo intends to add a couple of new models to its range over the next few years.

Alfa Romeo 2022 product plan

One such model is the Alfa Romeo GTV, essentially a two-door Giulia given it’s likely to be based on the same platform.

However, with a reported expectation of 450kW and a hybrid system alongside its twin-turbo V6, it’s set to outperform its sedan sibling’s current iteration.

Despite Alfa’s historical rear-drive tendency for its higher powered sports cars, the GTV will be an all-wheel drive model with torque vectoring, according to the presentation given by the brand at its last major update in June last year.

Alfa Romeo GTV V6 used car review: classic MOTOR

As Alfa Romeo says it intends to do with all its upcoming models, the GTV should boast 50:50 weight distribution, as well as having seats for four people.

2022 Alfa Romeo GTV render

With the GTV replacing the 4C in its ‘specialty’ segment (as FCA classes it) in a FR layout, the Alfa Romeo 8C is to fill the mid-engine hole that will be left by the 4C.

More than 500kW and a 0-100km/h time in under three seconds is the expectation for the 8C according to FCA, but details of that car are still scarce.