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4X4 Australia Survival Guide: Out Now

09 Sep 2016 News

4X4 Australia Survival Guide: Out Now

Pro tips and techniques to keep you on-track when off-road.

DON'T forget to get your copy of 4X4 Australia’s special edition Survival Guide.

The Survival Guide is chock-full of tips and techniques that’ll get you out of any off-road dilemma.

It features how-to guides on how to prepare your rig for a remote-area adventure. It’s also got quick trackside fixes, bush cooking techniques, tips on how to stay alive when stranded, and in-depth analysis of off-road gear.

Plus there are a couple of custom rigs that’ll get your spine tingling.

Grab the Survival Guide from newsagents and select stores, or get it before everyone else by subscribing to 4X4 Australia in electronic or print format.

What’s inside?

Nissan v8 mightCUSTOM PATROL
GU Patrol is packing a host of aftermarket mods, none more impressive than its 6.5-litre GM V8 diesel donk.

Basic recovery tipsRECOVERY FOR DUMMIES
Tried-and-true techniques to overcome everyday off-road obstacles.

A 79-Series LandCruiser tinkered to perfection. You have to see it to believe it.

Recovery kit contentsKITTED UP
Every off-roader should have a recovery kit. Here’s what to pack inside it.

Snatch recoverySNATCH AND GRAB
How to master the dangerous snatch strap recovery technique.

Back -me -upBACK ME UP
An in-depth look at why a dual-battery system is essential for remote travel.

Power surgePOWER SURGE
It’s back to basics with our easy-to-read guide on batteries.

Weight problemWEIGHT PROBLEM
The best way to safely and legally load your rig.

Bush cookingDINNER TIME
Campsite cooking doesn’t have to be boring. Spruce it up with some handy cooking gear.

Recovery boardsBOARD GAMES
The simple recovery board can get you out of almost any tricky situation.

Step-by-step guide on rebuilding a stuffed live-axle front knuckle.

15 12-volt compressors pitted against each other to find out which one is best.

Plus we show you how to prep for the cape, how to check the essentials before a trip, and how to solve mechanical and electrical gremlins.

There are also techniques on how to service a winch and fix a cooling system. And if all else fails, we’ve got last-resort trackside fixes, as well as how to survive in the bush when you’re stranded.