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Alpine A110 SportsX pays homage to rally heritage

By Daniel Wong, 03 Feb 2020 News

Alpine A110 SportsX concept revealed news

Widened and raised A110 concept looks ready to take on the wilds

Even though the concept of off-road mid-engine sports cars went down with rest of the Group B rally weapons of the 1980s, it has never failed to captivate the imagination, even in today’s world of sanitised and customer-focused creations.

Like Lamborghini with the Sterrato concept, Alpine has produced its own take on the off-road sports car shtick with the Alpine A110 SportsX concept, which made its debut at the International Automobile Festival of the Invalides in Paris.

Touted as a styling exercise, the SportsX concept is based on the A110 Pure and is said to be inspired by the rally versions of the original rear-engine A110, particularly Alpine’s 1973 Monte Carlo Rally-winning example.

Alpine would eventually go on to win the inaugural season of the World Rally Championship in 1973, making it the first car to ever win the WRC title.

While the SportX retains the A110’s original 185kW/320Nm mid-engine rear-wheel drive powertrain, its exterior has been suitably beefed up with an 80mm wider body, 60mm raised ride height, and a neat mount over the rear window for a pair of skis.

Unfortunately for the more adventurous of A110 fans, Alpine has stated that the SportsX is “not available for sale” with the concept of an off-road sports car still a tantalising fantasy.

That being said, if you are still enamoured by the whole idea of a sports car that can take on the dirt, read our exclusive drive review of the Sterrato concept.

Alternatively, if you are looking for your next garage project, check out the build process of turning a classic MX-5 roadster into a supercharged rally-raid weapon.

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