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Aston Martin to revive DBS name with Superleggera

By Chris Thompson, 18 Apr 2018 News

Aston Martin to revive DBS name with Superleggera news

The replacement for Aston’s Vanquish will wear a familiar badge

Aston Martin has confirmed it will replace the Vanquish with a range-topping GT car bearing the DBS badge.

More specifically, it will be called the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera.

The DBS badge goes way back to the 1960s, when the first DBS made its first appearance. More recently, the DBS was revived around a decade ago.

But now it fills a different role, taking the place of the previously superior Vanquish.

“Sitting at the pinnacle of the sportscar line-up, DBS Superleggera will feature the highest levels of performance, craftmanship and design,” Aston Martin says.

The ‘Superleggera’ part of the name is in reference to coachbuilder Touring Superleggera, which worked with Aston on the DB4, DB5, and DB6 among other projects.

Aston Martin chief creative officer, and the man who designed the 2007 DBS, Marek Reichman says the re-assigning of such an iconic badge was very deliberate.

“When you hear the name DBS Superleggera, you know what it is,” says Reichman.

“It’s the definitive Aston Martin Super GT. It’s an icon, a statement and this one will be no different.

“We’ve pushed the boundaries of performance and design to give this car a distinct character and ensure it’s worthy of the heritage and weight that this name carries.”

Though it will take pride of place at the top of Aston’s grand-touring line-up, the DBS Superleggera won’t be the fastest road-car built by the brand.

As well as the much-anticipated Valkyrie, Aston Martin is working on a mid-engined supercar which Reichman tells MOTOR will be “very innovative, something very beautiful, and with great handling characteristics.”

Plus, the Vanquish badge is now free to use for something else…