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Australian delivered Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R for auction

By Chris Thompson, 17 May 2017 News

australian 1991 nissan skyline r32 gtr shannons1

1 of 100 example of legendary Godzilla hits Shannons’ next Sydney auction

If you thought finding an R32 Skyline in good nick was impossible, you’re dead wrong.

A good example has appeared in the auction catalogue for Shannons’ upcoming May 22 Autumn Classic in Sydney.

It might surprise some to know that not every early ‘90s Skyline has had its exhaust ‘cannoned’ and it’s body dropped to the ground.

Owners of Australian delivered GT-Rs have apparently been particularly kind to their cars, probably because there were only 100 of them built.

With only 88,697km on the clock, and no modifications, the twin-turbo Godzilla presents in pristine condition according to its condition report.

“Vehicle in excellent condition throughout. Runs & drives extremely well,” the assessor found, with the only two detractors being drive belts and headlight aim. Both points were still marked as “good”.

It’s expected to pick up between $65,000 and $75,000, although last year a less original ’91 GT-R auctioned for $69K, and wasn’t in as good condition as this one. It had also travelled 60,000 more kilometres than this one.

With 206kW/355Nm at the drivers disposal, an R32 GT-R was (and is) a way to fly past someone on the track without looking like you were trying too hard – they’re visually pretty understated, especially for the time.

And this one still is, with original wheels, bodywork, exhaust, and ride height, it looks less ‘racecar’ than most regular R32s on the road today.

australian-1991-nissan-skyline-r32-gtr-shannons-engine bay
Shannons says this GT-R was “first delivered through Hornsby Nissan in Sydney, NSW on December 3, 1992.”

“We understand the car has never been modified nor altered in any way and has recently benefited from a major service carried out by Corse Automotive Services late last year.”

“Owned by a mature enthusiast, for the last few years, the Nissan would ideally suit a collector and will be sold registered in NSW until December 2017. The personal plates OZI-32R come with the car if sold to a buyer in NSW.”

You can check out the lot listing here.