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BMW M4 DTM racecar laps Nurburgring in stonking 6:14

By Cameron Kirby, 25 Oct 2016 News

Sit back in wonder at the amazing speed of a DTM racer around the Green Hell

BMW M4 DTM racecar laps Nurburgring in stonking 6:14

It’s not often a fully-fledged racecar gets to attack the full Nurburgring Nordscheife.

The WTCC have a round of the championship on the famed Green Hell, and GT3-spec cars blast around the venue for an entire day for the 24 Hours of Nurburgring.

So it was a pretty special day when Augusto Farfus Jr was allowed to take a current-spec BMW M4 DTM car around the venue.

The Nurburgring 24 Hour winner cut a number of laps of the Nordschleife as part of a promotion for Shell Helix, taking several lucky passengers for hot laps.

Although it looks like Farfus Jr isn’t pushing the car to the limit – lifting off the throttle and coasting for a number of corners – he still inadvertently measured a low 6-minute lap time.

The ‘Bridge to Gantry’ time (the measure of laps where the full main straight cannot be driven to speed) was a scorching 6:14.

For reference, the bonkers Pagani Zonda R recorded a 6:47 on the full circuit, while the Ferrari 599XX’s best effort was a 6:58.

The fastest fully-fledged racing car lap is from Stefan Bellof, who piloted a Porsche 956 around the full circuit in 6:11.13 during qualifying for the 1983 Nurburgring 1000km race. With a few more attempts, and pushing at 100-percent during the entire lap, Farfus Jr could probably come close to this number.

Making Farfus Jr’s efforts even more impressive is the fact he did the lap time by accident, with a passenger riding along the entire time.

The onboard footage makes for impressive viewing, as the DTM pilot remains calm and collected during one of the most fearsome laps in motorsport.

According to BMW Motorsport, the car "was adjusted for the specific track conditions on the Nordschleife.”